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Our activities are suitable for the whole ability range of children across KS2, including those with SEN. We are able to make provision for and fully include children with special dietary needs and food allergies. We give the children information to help them make choices which promote healthy living.







We place a strong emphasis on using local produce, fresh organic produce, seasonal food and 'food for free', as well as raising awareness of issues like food miles, food production and recycling.








Help Mistress Quickly and Lady Jane prepare a banquet

to celebrate another of Henry's weddings.

Find out how soot was used as a fashion accessory by the Tudors.

Make a nosegay and learn why you would have needed to use it!

Not Another Tudor Royal Wedding...






Help Gertie and Daisy make the party food.

Are you up to the 'Rationing Challenge?

Will you like parsnip sandwiches?

Find out what evacuated children ate and why.

Learn about digging for victory and plan your vegetable plot!

Dales Countryside Museum's WWII suitcases of artefacts and a background of wartime songs and propaganda posters support this workshop.

Welcome to Evacuees or

VE Day 'Party'...


Our package includes two people to deliver the programme and all the materials needed for interesting and unusual themed craft and cooking projects in your school or museum.


We regularly deliver our sessions to larger groups. Please ask us for details.

All of our workshops can be tailor made to fit in with your individual requirements.


Talk to us about a special workshop!

Wild Food...

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