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Help Miss Prim and Miss Proper, two Victorian schoolmistresses, prepare rose and peppermint creams along with the rest of high tea, as the servants have been given the dat off!

Would you rather have been a tweenie or a scullery maid?

With a background of Victorian Music Hall songs.













Jane and Julie invite you to join in the celebrations to mark the moon landing.

Watch the first men to land on the moon and then taste the 1960's party food prepared by the children.

Try astronaut ice-cream; it's groovy man!

With a background of music from the '60's.




Grimhildr and Hjordis are preparing a meal to take on a journey.

Taste the sort of food eaten by Vikings and learn why they ate what they ate!

Find out why Viking parents parents were pleased to have troublesome, argumentative children!

Workshop supported by the Dales Countryside Museum's Viking resources.




Viking Travellers...


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Victorian High Tea ...

1969 - Moon Landing...

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Help Livia and Flavia, two Romano-British women, prepare a meal for a visiting dignitary who is on his way to Hadrians wall.

Did the Romans really eat stinging nettles and fish sauce with their pudding?

Make a Roman note-book; a bees' wax writing tablet.

Roman Banquet...

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