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Costume talks

The Unmentionable Foundations Of Fashion

All women know there is more to looking wonderful than

fabulous frocks!


Rebecca from Applegarth Couture, creator of Curriculum Kitchen's costumes and Jane demonstrate why women take just that little bit longer to get ready

……and then show you a fabulous frock or two created by Rebecca to be as historically acurate as possible, costumes that Jane is not encouraged to wear in classrooms and food workshops!


Putting On Your Best Bib And Tucker

How long did it take for a Regency lady to get ready for tea with the Bennets?

The underpinnings of the Regency style explained.

The why, wherefore and how of Regency and Georgian fashion



The Tudor Merchants wife

Being wealthy didn’t mean you could always wear exactly what you wanted……

The sometimes dangerous world of Tudor fashion, its origins, etiquette, and laws explained.


Victorian Elegance

Engineering and layering, discover the influences and inginuity of the indistrial revolution on women's fashion. Silk, cotton, wool and sprung steel - lot of research, trial and error went into the creation of our 1880 day dress!


Fashionably comfortable

Our latest creation demonstrates how restrictions of WW1 began to dictate fashion, and how women’s changing roles were to have practical implications on fashion. Our new Edwardian walking costume and beautiful underpinnings however wont disappoint!




Curriculum Kitchen's costumes attract much interest at any event and spark fascination in both the visible costume and its origins.

Conversation inevitably turns towards the ‘unmentionable’ undergarments and foundations of historical fashion.

We tailor make all our costume talks and demonstrations to our customers individual specifications.


We are very popular with Historical Societirs, WI and Women's Gulid groups.....Please get in touch if you would like us to have us talk to your group.